двойной вход секс When you first walk into the Rod and Gun it appears just as any other tavern., lights, music, good vibes and libations. But when you take a look around the sudden feeling creeps upon you that perhaps on the very bar stool you’re sitting, once sat, many years ago a rugged pioneer who in some way helped to forge the future of town. The Historic Pub and Hotel is one of the oldest and longest operating establishments on the island, first opening for  business in 1898 and continuing that tradition today.

http://crystalapps.net/community/opisanie-uzora-rakushki-spitsami.html описание узора ракушки спицами The Rod and Gun has recently been renovated and to the credit of both management and owner’s, the rustic  appeal remains. The bar is subtly western with deep hard wood floors and brass bar fittings, but it’s more that that, the craftsmanship that went into the original building has been preserved, the ceilings are high, the room is like no other very comfortable and open, perfect for live music and dancing.

оплата мобильного телефона через банковскую карту сбербанк Next door to the pub is a fantastic little family restaurant that serves the same great food as the pub and shares  that same “old School” flavour. After checking out the café, I walked through the side door of the restaurant to discover the most fantastic patio, a true gem hidden in the middle of town. It’s funny, I know I’ll be back to visit, the place, the staff and the flavour left me feeling giddy… and I haven’t even tasted the food!

161 Alberni Hwy, Parksville